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Posted on: September 22, 2008 9:35 pm

Day of Reckoning...?

Looks as though Vikings Coach Brad Childress has finally realized the need of QB Tavaris Jackson too sit and develop under a veterans tutelidge. I'd like to praise Brad in his revalation and "do!" yet' it was obvious to this writer that the Best thing for the Vikings during this past off'season was too sign the best available Veteran QB and use him from week #1. Gus Frerotte actually fits this plan and I must also realize that the Vikings have done exactly what I've suggested... a moment of clarity? I guess so. Letus now see what these Vikings are capable of with QB Gus Frerotte and the respect Defenses will have to give him in the Passing game that so' lacked in '07. It stands good reason too predict an 9-7 or better year for the Minnesota's Vikings. I'll even boldly predict a 10-6 season with a Wild Card game. Enjoy the Day people.


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